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BEE SECURE Solar Emergency LED Flashligh...


£31.54 Ex Tax: £26.28

Solar powered emergency LED flashlight from Bee-Secure with a USB port for recharging. It allows for..

ENERGIZER Dual Mode Carabiner Area Light...


£17.32 Ex Tax: £14.43

This multipurpose light from Energizer features 7 strong white LEDS, giving a brilliant light with 3..

ENERGIZER LED Keychain Torch - Chrome Ef...


£6.60 Ex Tax: £5.50

This keychain light by Energizer is a compact and convenient choice of torch, featuring a quick atta..

ENERGIZER LED Lantern Torch - LED Lanter...


£10.33 Ex Tax: £8.61

This robust and durable LED Lantern from Energizer is designed to last 15 years with the same reliab..

ENERGIZER LED Magnet Flash Light Torch -...


£8.16 Ex Tax: £6.80

This LED Torch from Energizer features a conveniently integrated strong magnet, meaning it can be ea..

ENERGIZER LED Metal Torch - LED Torch


£13.76 Ex Tax: £11.47

This robust yet lightweight metal torch from Energizer is impact resistant with an intensely bright ..

ENERGIZER LED Value Metal 2D Torch - Met...


£19.75 Ex Tax: £16.46

This Value Metal 2D Torch from Energizer has an intense brightness at 100 lumens with 3 Nichia LEDs...

ENERGIZER Vision HD Headlight 150 Lumens...


£16.93 Ex Tax: £14.11

The Vision HD Headlight from Energizer is a weatherproof item that features a dimmable beam and 3 li..

ENERGIZER Vision HD Headlight 200 Lumens...


£20.68 Ex Tax: £17.23

The Vision HD+ Headlight from Energizer features high quality functions, which include a red light f..

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